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Going Inside

Going Inside

Shrine From a 2006 Lindly Haunani Class

I was about ready to quit reading Facebook.

Seems that everytime I opened Facebook I saw that someone was doing something more exciting than me, more visible than me or more magnificent than me. I know. I know. Life is about living one’s own journey, about fully embracing it and exploring one’s creative impulses, passions and compassions. I know that. I teach that. I preach that. Yet nearly every time I entered the Facebook world I left feeling somewhat “less than”.

It didn’t feel good, but most of all I knew that it was a character fault of mine to always be comparing and judging. Plus I knew that I had been blessed with a wonderfully creative and fulfilling life, one for which I was very thankful. And yet, here I was feeling a bit fearful and anxious that somehow I just wasn’t measuring up.

A recent conversation with my friend Ann gave me a useful tool for approaching this “opportunity to grow” . It involves recognizing the thought pattern, stopping it in mid-thought, FEELING the STOP, asking where the thought pattern came from, thanking it for it’s good intentions, recognizing and saying that , while I am thankful, it doesn’t serve me anymore, then asking for help in changing the message to one that is life affirming and free of blame/shame and coulda/shoulda. Thank you, Ann, I’m practicing. It isn’t automatic yet, but I’m believing that I can become more loving of myself and, in the process, more loving and celebratory all around.

Another useful tool came from a recent reading in the http://www.dailyword.com thought for the day. I read the message and I stopped breathing as I took it in, and then read it again. It fit so perfectly my need for a life-affirming attitude of grace.

Sacred Journey


Some sites are considered sacred, and people go there to worship and experience an uncommon energy. Many of us dream of making a pilgrimage to a sacred place. Such journeys have a meaningful impact on our lives and help us grow in spiritual understanding.Yet every spiritual journey begins right where we stand, this very moment. Whether we travel to the far reaches of the earth or sit on a meditation pillow in our living room, the real expedition is a journey inward.Wherever I go, I abide in the presence of God’s love. I expand my awareness to recognize God in each moment, in each breath, in each person and place, for life itself is holy ground.

Take off the sandals from your feet, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.—Acts 7:33

I love the concept that the place that we are standing is holy ground. What ever name we give to Sacred Energy, whether we call it God or Higher Power or Our Highest Self or All That Is or Mystery or Nature. I believe that we have each experienced that sort of deep awe that connects us to something beyond our ego selves. It is in remembrance of those times of deep awe I retreat in thanksgiving. And it is with remembrance of that deep awe that I return to Facebook, knowing that each of our experiences, no matter how seemingly big or magnificent or small or simple or sweet or harsh or ugly or sad or delightful or beautiful, is a part of the whole that is Mystery. Even those seemingly mundane “what I had for dinner” photos. And those celebratory “look where I’ve been” or “look who I am” photos. They are all experienced on holy ground. Each message is a from a living person who is searching for connection. For meaning. For purpose. Just like me.



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