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I feel blessed this AM.  Do we ever get too old to love winning a prize?  To love the unexpected gift?  To feel opened up by the generosity of another?  I don’t think so, at least I hope that I never become jaded to the sheer joy of receiving the creative offerings from fellow travelers along this journey of ours.

A few weeks ago I posted my word for the year on Susan Lumoto’s fascinating blog Daily Art Muse . Her idea was to give a forum within which people could share their word for the year, then she would pick 3 people’s words to feature in a photo styling presentation which she would then gift to them.  I love the topic, so I posted, and I won!

Here is an image that she created for me.  I love it.  Makes me smile.  Makes me laugh.  Makes me want to run along the beach, gather stones, and just see if there is a little alphabet soup factory there somewhere among the waves which throws up food for the elves.

One of Susan’s business offerings is that she’ll create personalized/customized  images such as these for people.   Sound like fun?  Check it out: Daily Art Muse


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