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Up to PAR

PAR.  That’s my word for 2011.

A few years ago I received the idea of choosing a word for the year from Amy Crawley (who was inspired by Christine Kane ).  I love words, so the idea of following one word through the whole year seemed perfect.  I’ve already forgotten the word that I used the first year, but last year I chose “circle” and the word for 2010 was “tone”.

I chose the word PAR because it’s an acronym for the words playful, authentic and responsible, all key words for me this year.  Then I thought more about it, looked up the word par, and decided that the meaning of par was pretty important to me, too.

Par, according to the on-line Free Dictionary, means “an amount or level considered to be average;  a standard: performing up to par”.  At first I resisted the idea of that, that thing about performing at an “average” standard.  I thought about my immediate, almost violent reaction to the word, and decided I needed a little self-therapy about that one!!!!  How does one get to be 63, and not go crazy, or become paralyzed from the pressure of it all, if all things that matter must be above average?

I’m breathing a small sign of relief just thinking about thinking ….. and that’s as far as I can let myself go right now!


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