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Seems to me that there are many ways to hear the voice of God.  Sometimes it’s through nature, as in this magnificent Cottonwood tree that engages me in “conversation” as I walk through Mill Pond Park.  Sometimes it’s through dreams or art experiences, inspirational speeches or readings.  And sometimes it’s through the internet! 

Ever since I returned from retreat in Colorado in late August, I’ve been on a heightened path of discovery as I yearn to hear the story of who I am, what my mission is and how I proceed with this next phase of my life.  It’s as if a familiar door has opened just a bit wider than usual to reveal the obvious connections between the different “rooms” in my life, such as the clay wee folk, simplicity, storytelling, spirit, creativity, teaching, expression and service. 

What triggered this new burst of inquiry was a conversation that I had about Crazy Wisdom, Wise Fools and the Trickster Myths.  Something there was calling my name.  I wanted to learn more.  As I went from one website to another looking for relevant info about those topics, I was sidetracked into other areas (YOU know how it goes!) until I temporarily forgot what I was searching for and ended up in a different area altogether.  As I did so, one of the things that struck me was how much joy, life and creativity some people exhibited through their websites.  I was so inspired, and I wondered, why do I put limitations on my own imagination?”

 Instead of feeling overwhelmed, which I have tended to do in the past, I have been using these websites as part of my own Curriculum of Possibilities, with these people as my private mentors, so to speak, as they teach me what it means to show up, to be present, to be true – or at least that’s how it seems to me. 

Last night in a conversation with a friend we were talking about how important it is to BELIEVE in our own gifts and abilities, in ourselves, that without that belief we remain stuck in our limitations.  We struggle.  We strive.  We compare, feel less than, or not able.   And so we don’t.

And how do we get past those limitations and become believers?  How can we be healed of our unbelief?  How do we stay open to positive, creative possibilities day after day after day after day, even in the midst of what may seem to be limitations and roadblocks? 

Here are a few answers that come to me at this moment.  PLEASE ADD TO THIS LIST, if you like, in the comment section:

  • Ask for help.
  • Find spiritual mentors and/or teachers who model a belief in possibilities.
  • Keep company with friends who believe in possibilities, who are creatively engaged in life.
  • Give yourself permission to believe that it’s OK to believe in yourself.
  • Tell yourself that what you do DOES make a difference to the world.
  • Tell yourself that again until you do believe it!
  • Ask yourself what you care about?
  • Listen to yourself.
  • Be willing to dream BIG.
  • Envision yourself doing those things that you love, about which you have passion.
  • Learn and master new skills so that you are equipped to follow through with your vision.
  • Give yourself permission to make mistakes.
  • Have courage. 
  • Take calculated risks.
  • Show yourself and others what you can do.
  • Forgive yourself – and others.
  • Laugh.  Dance.  Sing.
  • Take a break and get a little perspective.
  • Don’t take yourself so seriously.
  • Take yourself seriously.
  • Laugh, dance and sing some more.
  • Keep company with people who give you honest AND positive feedback about yourself.
  • Ask for help.
  • Ask again.
  • Remember that life is a journey, not a competition.
  • Give thanks for the journey.

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