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stackablesallThe world – or at least my corner of it – is humming today with the sounds and abundant energy of spring. And that kind of energy, spring energy, is full of hope and trust and thrust. It trusts that the seeds planted today WILL turn into succulent ears of corn come fall, and that the nest built so precariously in the crook of the crabapple tree WILL sustain itself long enough to shelter a new brood of robins into being.

Now I’ve been in this world long enough to know that sometimes the corn does dry up and wither in the heat of July. And sometimes a windstorm, or the neighbor’s tabby cat, does leave the nest – and its contents – splattered on the sidewalk. But without that hope and trust and bone-deep, spirit-filled belief in life, this world would come to a crunching halt.

My question today, as I listen to the hum within my own being, is whether to choose to align myself with spring energy or with that of fall?

“All my life’s a circle”, and “To everything there is a season …”, and yet might I also choose to see my big-life picture as one of spring energy? Trusting. Believing. Building. Doing. Knowing. And still humming along? Always? Forever?


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