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Humming the World into Being

leathe_1At the end of my last post I talked about defining the word creative, and how the phrase “I want to be more creative” is used to cover many different yearnings.  You probably already figured out that all of the expressions on the list are mine.  Yup.  It’s true.  I confess.  

But the idea that most absorbs me is the yearning to be more innovative and original.  There’s a trap there, though, for to use the words innovative and original could imply that the work is created in a vacuum, with no influence from the rest of the world, and I know that’s not possible.  The broader my knowledge is of the world of art and design, the more I am able to pick out possible influences and relationships between designs – and designers.  

So I’m going to use a phrase, rather than the words innovative or original, to express my creative goal.  What I strive for is to imbue my work with “the quality of being alive”.  For me that means that there is an energy inherent in the piece, due to a combination of factors, that calls forth an answering hum within me.  When that hum starts a-humming, then I know that I’m immersed in the creative process. 

Inherent within this definition of creativity is the acceptance that “there’s different strokes for different folks” , so what makes me hum may leave you cold.  And that’s OK.  I suspect that the same would be true of any other definition or description.  When I look at or listen to a work of art that calls forth a response from within me, that makes me stop and smile, or cry, or think or chuckle or stand still with awe, then it has established a relationship with me, just as if it were alive.  Which it is – to me at least.

I believe that some day it will be common to see vibrational energy, just as today we see trees or flowers or each other’s faces.   If I am still around, I would be curious to “see” if a copy of a masterpiece, such as the Mona Lisa, would have the same vibrational energy as daVinci’s original.  And I wonder if my work that I do for hire would have the same energy as a work that I created from within the midst of humming.

Well, I’m off to do some humming. 

Talk to you later,


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