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Creativity Revisited

A Secret Place


Last Sunday Dan and I hung my most recent collection of work at the Fireroast Mountain Cafe in Minneapolis, MN, which is about 35 miles north of where my retreat center is located. I loved hanging the show, and not just because of the great coffee that they gave us as we worked! I don’t regularly sell my work at art fairs or galleries – other than the one at Maureen’s – so this yearly show is an opportunity for me to step back and see what I’ve been doing in the past year – what has held my interest – what direction my thoughts are flowing – where I might be heading in the coming year.

As I looked at the show, whose theme is About Faces, I saw that I had stayed true to my January 29, 2008 post where I said that I am willing to accept that I have the right, and the need, to walk along a line that threads its way between varying degrees of opposites. For there on the wall, not too far from each other, were my serene driftwood sculpture, titled Remembering, and my funny little elves, titled A Secret Place, who were hiding in a shoe. And I loved both sculptures. Both portray part of the story that is me – and how I view the world – yet they surely were opposites in terms of style.

While I liked the selection of pieces that I chose for the show, I also missed the pieces that were still in my mind, not yet created.  Seems that I always have more ideas than time or skills or courage – or lack of it – allow me to produce.  As a result I usually have to step back a bit from my work in order to feel “successful” at meeting my goals – of being true to my creative vision.  Which brings me to the subject of creativity.

Recently I have been having conversations with a group of fellow artists about creativity, what it is and how it is expressed, encouraged, nurtured and honored. (more…)


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